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dreaminthumb Dreamin' of.......When the Grass Was Still Deep-CD
Red's latest CD! Features 8 songs and 2 poems. These tracks are some of Red's personal favorites showcased on his popular radio show 'Cowboy Corner' and his TV show, 'In the Bunkhouse with Red Steagall'. All songs were written by fellow artists whose work Red respects and values. When the Grass Was Still Deep*Long and Lonesome Ride to Dalhart*That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine*Where the Ponies Come to Drink*Leave Him in the Horse Trap*Draggin' Calves to the Fire*Charlie Siringo*Best Seat in the House*When the Cottonwoods Are Yellow*Palo Duro Farewell
FMCFthumb For All My Cowboy Friends-CD
Re-Release! Red Steagall re-visits his Classic 70s Rodeo Album... This is Red's most requested collection! 11 songs including Rodeo*For All Our Cowboy Friends*Dawson LeGate*Rodeo Blues*Two Pair of Levis*Freckles Brown*Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons*Bandito Gold*The Night the Copenhagen Saved the Day*Little Joe the Wrangler*My America
cow_camp_christmas.jpeg A Cow Camp Christmas CD
Red's first holiday CD - Songs and poems include..... I'm On My Way * Long Canyon Christmas * Jake the Rancher * A Cowboy's Special Gift * The Parson Goes to Church * Tumbleweed Christmas Tree * Church at the Wagon* Cowboy's Christmas Prayer * I'll Meet You at the Throne * Now That I Have Accepted Your Love
here_we_go.jpeg Here We Go Again -CD
Making memories with my friends - Toby Keith-Reba McEntire-Charley Pride-Ray Benson-Neal McCoy-Larry Gatlin-Charlie Daniels. With a career spanning over 50 years, Red Steagall has had his share of great hits and memorable releases. This new CD takes us on a journey through some of the best music now re-recorded as duets with industry friends, plus a few new songs to sweeten the mix. 13 songs include....... Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music * I Left The Best Part of Texas in Tennessee * Here We Go Again * Somewhere My Love * Party Dolls and Wine * Freckles Brown * Early Morning Kind of Love * Three Chord Country Song * The Fiddle Man * Dawson LeGate * Bob's Got A Swing Band in Heaven * No Way, No How * Truck Drivin' Man
wind_rail.jpeg The Wind, The Wire and The Rail -CD
Sit back and listen as Red spins his magic with stories and songs that paint images of the struggles and survival of the men and women of the glorious West. Includes 8 songs and 2 poems: The Wire and the Rail * Texas Silver Zephyr * McCorkle and the Wire * Six Thousand Miles of Wire * Muley Was a Railroad Man * From the Old Mill * No One But God Feels His Pain * The Code of the West Hasn't Changed * How Green Was the Grazin' Back Then
wagon_tracks.jpeg Wagon Tracks- CD
Twelve selections of music and poetry weave a compelling saga of the dangers, heartaches, laughter and rewards of the early settlers of our great country. Steagall's rich baritone and moving acoustic presentation of historic imagery reconfirm why he is indeed the "Official Cowboy Poet of Texas". If I Never See Ireland Again * Western Wagons * Through The Cumberland Gap * Gone To Texas * Out On The Texas Plains * The Last Buffalo * Texas Bein' Texas * The Yellowstone Valley * We'll Stand Up and Fight * My Nebraska Homestead * We Danced On The Oregon Trail * My America
dear_mama.jpeg Dear Mama, I'm A Cowboy -CD
NOW AVAILABLE! "This collection of 7 songs and 3 narrative poems is enchanting. You'll revel in the lilting melodies and compelling stories he so aptly presents." Country Weekly Magazine. Featuring the title song and I'm Sleepin In My Leggin's Tonight * The Old Man and His Fiddle * The Blue Roan and the Kid * Forty and Found * Boley * The Lantern on the Wagon * The Last Guard * Failure * Big Texas Moon
faith_cd.jpeg Faith and Values -CD
Steagall's best selling WARNER WESTERN album includes 7 songs and 4 original poems about the relationship between a cowboy and his God. A Long Way From Montana * The Fence That Me and Shorty Built * The Narrow Trail * Paw-Paw * He Was There * The Real America * Rider on the Rim * Now That I Have Accepted Your Love * The Bay * Cowboy Church * The Big Circle
cowboy_code.jpeg Cowboy Code- 2 CD Set
Some of the 'BEST OF' Red Steagall vintage cowboy selections. Twenty three songs and ten poems in a 2 disc box-set. Includes I Was Born to Be A Cowboy * My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys * When the Work's All Done This Fall * Smokey * Strawberry Roan * Tennessee Stud * Tyin' Knots in the Devil's Tail * Ridin' Down the Canyon * Willy, the Wandering Gypsy and Me * Red Headed Stranger * Horses and Wars * Along the Navajo Trail * Running Out of Sunsets *Nothin' But A Cowboy * Deacon and the Dun * Underneath a Wide West Texas Sky * Rosalee's Smile * I'd Like To Be In Texas When They Roundup in the Spring * To An Old Friend * Ride For The Brand * He Preferred Bucking Horses to Books * The Bell on Old Blue * Sourdough * Beefsteak and Beans * The Code of the West Hasn't Changed * Bedroll * McCorkle and the Wire * The Weather * Grandmother's Trunk * Little Joe the Wrangler * Dawson LeGate * Two Pair of Levis and a Pair of Justin Boots * Bandito Gold * The Night the Copenhagen Saved the Day * Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons
born_to_this_land_cd.jpeg Born To This Land-CD
7 songs and 4 poems blended in that unmistakable Red Steagall style, guaranteed to stir memories in all of us who live close to the land or have ever wanted to! Includes Panhandle Wind*Born To This Land*The Wagon Tongue*Comanche Moon*Dust*One More Lick*Dodge City*Ride For The Brand*When the Cimarron Was Red and On The Rise*Fort Phantom Hill*One Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse
love_of_the_west.jpeg Love of the West - CD
Red Steagall and the Boys in the Bunkhouse- A richly romantic album not only about the love between a man and a woman, but also the heartfelf and abiding love for a people and way of life that will continue to exist as long as poets and dreamers, men of character and honor like Red Steagall, perpetuate the West in story and song. 7 songs and 3 poems...*Red River Rose*Quarter Circle Y* Grandmother's Trunk*The Day the Songbird Died*Her Eyes Were Bluebonnet Blue*Frenchie McCormick*My Partner*Bell of the Ball*Visalia*When the Roses Bloom Next Spring