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Journeying into the rugged breaks that skirt the eastern rim of the Llano Estacado-West Texas ranch country at once attractive and repellent to the uninitiated-Poet Laureate of Texas, Red Steagall and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Skeeter Hagler prove unquivocally that verse and image are kindred spirits. According to Byron Price, director of the Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of Art of the American West, they have succeeded in unifying poetry and photography, allowing us to "understand and interpret the essence of a solitary land and its proud inhabitants." This 116 page paperbac, book contains the poetry of Red Steagallset to the backdrop of prize winning black and white photos. Born To This Land examines traditions passed from generation to generation and explores the impact of cowboying on those who chose it as a way of life. Drawing us into their rich depiction of ranch life, Steagall and Hagler transcend prevailing convention and "prowl the remote ranges that lie beyond the deeply rutted main trails... listening for elusive, authentic voiceses carried in the wind."

Born To This Land


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