2020 Somewhere West of Wall Street Show Schedule

January 1 - Chisholm Trail                                 

Red takes us on a ride up the Chisholm Trail from the south Texas brush to the railhead at Abilene, Kansas.

January 11- Bodie, California                                    

Bodie is a California ghost town that looks as though the folks just walked off today and left it.

January 18- Bass Reeves                                       

Bass Reeves was a black U.S. Marshal and was very influential in the taming of the Oklahoma Territory prior to statehood.

January 25- Gonzales, Texas                                 

Gonzales, Texas is where the Texas Revolution began.

February 1- Mobeetie,Texas                                        

Red visits the remnants of Mobeetie,a town with a rich history

of soldiers and Buffalo hunters in the Panhandle of Texas

February 8- Bobby Kerr                                        

Bobby Kerr has become one of the most famous contract acts in rodeo.  

February 15- Dale Robertson                                     

Dale Robertson thrilled us all with the television shows Iron Horse and Tales of Wells Fargo.

February 22- Jim Shoulders                                      

During his time as a contestant, Jim Shoulders was the winningest cowboy of them all.

March 1- Fur Trade Museum                                 

Located in Chadron, Nebraska, the Fur Trade Museum tells us all about the North American fur trade.

March 8- Sam Houston                                         

Sam Houston is considered the "father of Texas" and we visit his last hometown of Huntsville, Texas.

March 15- North Dakota Heritage Center         

A visit to the North Dakota Heritage Center gives us an in-depth view of North Dakota history.

March 22- Steel Dust Horses                               

Steel Dust Horses greatly influenced today's modern American quarter horse.

March 29- R. W. Hampton                                     

Enjoy the songs and stories of R.W. Hampton, one of America's most important cowboy balladeers.

April 5- Ben Johnson                                         

Ben Johnson was a world champion cowboy and an iconic actor.

April 12- Will James                                             

Will James will always be remembered for his books like Smokey the Cow Horse and other stories of the early day American west.

April 19- San Jacinto                                

San Jacinto is the scene of the final battle for Texas independence from Mexico.

April 26- North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame      

North Dakota has a rich history of cowboys, both on the ranch and in the arena.

May 3- Dodge City                                           

Dodge City, Kansas is considered to be a "The Queen of the Cowtowns".

May 10- Fort WORTH Horse and Mule barns               

Red will show you around the Stockyards in Fort Worth,Texas where we've  gone from"mules to merchandise"

May 17- John Payne (one arm bandit)                

John Payne, the one arm bandit is one of the greatest rodeo specialty acts in the history of the sport.

May 24- Slim Pickens                                          

Slim Pickens entertained us all with his movie roles as a great American actor.

May 31- Buster Welch                                       

Red visits with the dean of cutting horse trainers - Mr. Buster Welch.

June 7- Medora, ND                                            

Medora, North Dakota is a town with a very rich history and a summertime outdoor play that tells her story.

June 14- Judge Parker                                   

Judge Parker held court in Fort Smith, Arkansas and was referred to as "the hanging judge".

June 21- Casey Tibbs Museum                      

The Casey Tibbs museum in Ft. Pierre, South Dakota is a tribute to one of the most famous cowboys in rodeo history.

June 28- Peter McCue                                         

Peter McCue was a thoroughbred horse whose male offspring created quarter horse family dynasties. 

July 5- Chuck wagon cook and his rolling commissary     

Join Red at the campfire with some very famous chuck wagon cooks.   

July 12- High Brow Cat                                     

High Brow Cat has influenced the cutting horse bloodlines in a very significant way for the last 30 years.

July 19- Ft. Union Trading Post                         

Ft. Union Trading Post was a very important trading post for fur traders and Indians on the Missouri River in North Dakota.

July 26- Dalton Gang                                           

The Dalton Gang were outlaws who operated in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

August 2- Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop            

Ride along with us as we spend time visiting with Doug Hansen at his wheel and wagon shop in South Dakota.

August 9- Hollywood horses                                 

We take a close look at the horses of Hollywood who became as famous as their owners.

August 16- Fort Abraham Lincoln                           

Ft. Abraham Lincoln is on the Missouri River outside of Mandan, North Dakota.

August 23- Tom Mix                            

Tom Mix was a darling of the silent movie era and a member of the 101 Wild West Show.

August 30- And They Rode Good Horses            

Horseman and rancher, Thomas Saunders tells us about his adventures as a livestock wrangler for the movies.

September 6- Cotton Rosser              

Cotton Rosser is one of the most successful and colorful rodeo contractors in the history of the sport.

September 13- Wagon Mound, New Mexico               

Wagon Mound, New Mexico was on the Santa Fe Trail and has a very colorful history.

September 20- Hollywood Gold                                  

Hollywood Gold was raised on the 6666s ranch in west Texas and became one of the most influential quarter horse sires in the world.

September 27- Alibates Flint Quarry, Fritch, Tx          

For 13,000 years the Alibates Flint Quarry was mined by Native Americans for the raw material to make their tools.

October 4- Roy Rogers 

Roy Rogers, the "King of the Cowboys" will always wear that crown for folks like me.

October 11- Bell Ranch (Tucumcari, NM)

The Bell Ranch in New Mexico is part of the 19th century Pablo Montoya Land Grant and today is still a working cattle ranch.

October 18- Leo

Leo was a very influential sire in the early days of the American Quarter Horse Association.

October 25- Silver screen daredevils

Thomas Saunders and Sharon Maderas tell us stories of horse wrangling and stunt sequences in the making of western movies.

November 1- Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Martin Murphey continues to be a major player in the preservation of the American west through his music and public performances.

November 8- Ft. Union, NM

Ft. Union, New Mexico was one of the principle players in the settlement of the American west.

November 1 5- Stuntmen

Red visits with one of Hollywood's most famous stuntmen named Terry Leonard.

November 22- Gene Autry

Gene Autry and his horse Champion thrilled us all and they still do.

November 29- 101 Ranch

Outside of Ponca City, Oklahoma stood the headquarters of the famous 101 Ranch and Wild West Show.

December 6- Jefferies and Reynolds Ranch, ND

S.D. Jefferies and the Reynolds brothers of west Texas established a ranch on the North Dakota plains in the 1800s.

December 13- Jerry Diaz

Jerry Diaz is one of the most famous caballeros in the world of trained horses and is a master of the rope.

December 20- John Justin

John Justin was the grandson of the Justin Boot Company founder, Mr. H.J. Justin and he transformed the company into an international giant of footwear.

December 27- Pawnee Bill

Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show was second only to the  presentation of Buffalo Bill and he thrilled audiences all over the world.