2022 Somewhere West of Wall Street Show Schedule

June 20 - Reba McEntire                                

Join Red as he explores the life and personality of one of his favorite people - Reba McEntire.

June 27 - Casey Tibbs Museum                                    

The Casey Tibbs museum in Ft. Pierre, South Dakota is a tribute to one of the most famous cowboys in history.

July 4- Wildlife Show                                       

Go with Red as he talks to a wildlife scientist at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Center about quail.

July 11-  Chuck Wagon Cook & Commissary                                

Join Red at the campfire with some famous chuck wagon cooks.

July 18 - Quanah Parker                                        

Quanah Parker was the last great chief of the Comanche Nation and Red tells his story.

July 25 - Ft. Union Trading Post

Ft. Union Trading Post was a very important trading post for fur traders and Indians on the Missouri River in North Dakota.

August 1 - Poco Lena                                     

Poco Lena was one of the greatest cutting horse competitors and brood mares in the history of the quarter horse industry.

August 8 - Hansen Wheel & Wagon                                      

Ride along with us as we spend time visiting with Doug Hansen at his wheel and wagon shop in South Dakota.

August 15 - Wildlife Show

Join Red at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute as he visits with wildlife scientist about white tailed deer.

August 22 - Ft. Abraham Lincoln                                         

Ft. Abraham Lincoln is on the Missouri River outside of Mandan, North Dakota. 

August 29 - Roy Cooper        

Ride with Red as he visits with his friend, Roy Cooper, world. champion cowboy.

September 5 - And They Rode Good Horses

Horseman and rancher, Thomas Saunders tells us about his adventures as a livestock wrangler for the movies.

September 12 -  Jack Roddy                                    

Join Red as he visits with world champion cowboy and rancher and his good friend Jack Roddy.

September 19 - Wagon Mound, NM                                        

Wagon Mound, New Mexico was on the Santa Fe Trail and has a very colorful history.

September 26 - Pitzer Horses                                           

Howard Pitzer was one of the most successful quarter horse breeders in history and Red visits with his grandson Jim Blakeman.

October. 3 - Alibates Flint Quarry                             

For 13,000 years the Alibates Flint Quarry was mined by Native Americans for the raw material to make their tools.

October 10 - Herb Mignery's Sculpture Garden

Walk with Red through world class sculptor Herb Mignery in his hometown of Barlett, Nebraska. 

October 17 - Bell Ranch 

The Bell Ranch in New Mexico is part of the 19th century Pablo Montoya Land Grand and today is still a working cattle ranch.

October 24 - Rex Linn

Go with Red as he visits with his long time friend, actor Rex Linn.

October 31. -  Silver Screen Dare Devils                

Thomas Saunders and Sharon Maderas tells us stories of hors wrangling and stunt sequences in the making of western movies.

November 7 - D. Wayne Lucas                                          

Red is honored to visit with one of the most famous race horse trainers in history and a good friend, D. Wayne Lucas.

November 14 - Ft.  Union,NM                                

Ft. Union, New Mexico was. one of the principle players in the settlement of the American West.

November 21 - Wildlife Show

Red visits with a wildlife scientist about migratory birds along the gulf coast of Texas.

November 28 - Gene Autry                                 

Gene Autry and his horse Champion thrilled us all and they still do.

December 5 - The Young & The Old in the Cowboys World                     

Red explores the things that attract young folks to the cowboy way of life and asks a seasoned veteran about why he wanted to be a cowboy. 

December 12 - Jeffries & Reynolds Ranch                                

A.N. Jeffries and the Reynolds brothers of west Texas established a ranch on the North Dakota plains in the 1800s.

December 19 - Frank Rush  

Ride with Red as he visits with Frank Rush who grew up in the Western Entertainment business. 

December 26 - John Justin                                 

John Justin was the grandson of the Justin Boot company founder, Mr. H.J. Justin and he transformed the company into an international giant of footwear.