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Some of the 'BEST OF' Red Steagall vintage cowboy selections. Twenty three songs and ten poems in a 2 disc box-set.


I Was Born to Be A Cowboy, Ballad of Dawson LeGate, Bandito Gold, Two Pair of Levis and a Pair of Justin Boots, He Preferred Bucking Horses to Books, Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Deacon and the Dun, When the Work's All Done This Fall, The Bell on Old Blue, Smokey, Sourdough, Beefsteak and Beans, Little Joe the Wrangler, The Code of the West Hasn't Changed, Strawberry Roan, Bedroll, Underneath a Wide West Texas Sky, Tennessee Stud, The Night the Copenhagen Saved the Day, Tyin' Knots in the Devil's Tail, McCorkle and the Wire, Rosalee's Smile, Ridin' Down the Canyon, The Weather, Willy, the Wandering Gypsy and Me, Red Headed Stranger, Along the Navajo Trail, Grandmother's Trunk, Running Out of Sunsets, Nothin' But A Cowboy, I'd Like To Be In Texas When They Roundup in the Spring, To An Old Friend, Horses and Wars 

Cowboy Code Cd


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