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A major feature of each 'Cowboy Corner' radio show is Red's interview with his guest that week. They talk about the West, about cowboys, about horses, about history. It is always a conversation between friends who share mutual interests and mutual acquaintances, and in the course of these conversations the listener learns about Western heritage, Western traditions, Western values. With the assistance of editor Loretta Fulton, Red has compiled the conversations with twenty-one of his friends into a unique book that captures the flavor of the Western way of life. Included are interviews with notable Western figures Roy Rogers, Rex Allen, Reba McEntire, Richard Farnsworth, Ben Johnson, Jim Shoulders, Roy Clark, John Justin, Elmer Kelton, Wilford Brimley, Joaquin Jackson, Buck Taylor, and many more. Their stories about early days in movies, ranching, law enforcement, music, writing, and other endeavors create an important oral history of life in the West. Published by State House Press; Hardbound 165 pages 6"x9".

Cowboy Corner Conversations Book - LIMITED TIME OFFER

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